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Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants from seed or cuttings, to full maturity and harvest without any soil involved in the whole process. Instead an inert hydroponic substrate that holds no nutritional content is used to replace the soil and hydroponic nutrients that contain many essential minerals are added into the water, and with a regular supply of water and nutrients delivered directly to the root system, the plants grow quickly and flourish, delivering a much better yield when compared to soil grown plants raised in the same time frame.


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What Is Hydroponics?

GreenSea has supplied hydroponic products to UK growers since 2006, and with our huge range of top quality products and our friendly and reliable service, it's no wonder we are one of the UK's favourite hydroponics stores to grow with.


Our full range of hydroponic systems and hydroponics supplies is massive and our online grow shop caters for all methods of growing, hydroponics, aeroponics, coco, soil and organic cultivation, with the finest selection of grow lights, grow tents, fans & filters, nutrients, additives & boosts and grow tent kits for you to choose from, so if you are new to hydroponics or a veteran grower, GreenSea stocks the items you'll need to create a brand new grow room or just maintain your existing one.


GreenSea also manufactures its very own range of systems,   Take a look at the full range of Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

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