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Our first encounter with hydroponics was way back in 1990 when visiting family in Perth, Western Australia. Our eyes felt like they were being deceived with what we saw, as we could not believe this type of cultivation was possible let alone better than soil. Our 3 month stay gave us enough time to gain the basic principle of hydroponics and over the last 26 years we have certainly mastered our techniques.




After many years of growing hydroponically and mastering several different techniques, we decided to enter the hydroponic industry and pass our knowledge on to help any new or unsuccessful grower we could; and in February 2006 our doors opened to the general public and our family run business was finally up and running. Now 10 years down the line we can gladly say our roots are well established and we are here to stay; and our success is thanks to you guys, our customers, who without we could no longer be.




We offer a wide range of top quality hydroponic products from manufacturers from around the world, including ourselves and we always test anything new before adding it to our stock, as we find this the best way to make sure it works and is fit for the job and also as it helps us to understand a product much better, so we can pass on sound advice. If unfortunately you browse our site and don’t find what you are looking for, don’t panic as we can get hold of 99% of products available in the UK and usually the very next day, just give us a call with your requirements and we will see what we can do for you. Having run many hydroponic grow rooms of different sizes, we understand how important it is to get what you need quickly, whether your garden is small or extremely large the urgency always remains the same, so that is why we maintain large stock levels to ensure 95% of our orders are dispatched the same day.




With our years of experience in hydroponics and also working as a pipe-fitter in air conditioning and ventilation, we have been able to build many different hydroponic systems over the years for our customers and our latest range is now available online to growers within the UK, Poseidon Hydroponic Systems. This range covers all methods for hydroponics cultivation, flood & drain, dripper, DWC and also aeroponics, with systems available for the novice, hobby grower and pro.




GreenSea Hydroponics UK retail premises are located on Mildenhall industrial estate in Suffolk, which is close to Thetford, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, Ipswich & Cambridge, with major routes like the M11 and A14 just minutes away from our store. We welcome any visitors who wish to look around our store and view all the products we have on display and if you can’t make it during our open hours, just give us a call and we can arrange a day and time to meet you, either evening or weekend. There is ample parking and you can even pull up to our door and we will gladly help you load up your goods.

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