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By just@GreenSea, Sep 13 2016 01:39PM

Any indoor hydroponics grow room will require a ventilation system to extract the hot stale air away and supply clean fresh air back into the room for plants to survive and this is one of the most important factors to get right, as a poorly ventilated room will not allow your plants to grow to their full potential and the yield from your crop will be severely diminished, where as a well ventilated room maintained at the correct temperatures will allow your crop to flourish and will provide you with a bumper harvest.

Once you have your grow room or grow tent ready to install the equipment, we recommend the ventilation is the first thing you do. Two holes for the air in and air out are required, so you will need to cut a hole near the floor of the room and also at the top on the opposite side and corner of the room. If you have purchased a grow tent you will already have the ventilation holes fitted at the bottom and top, so no cutting is required. The size of the holes will depend on the size of the fans and ducting you are going to use, so first you must work out the size you require.

The easiest way to do this is to measure the room in metres, across the longest wall in length, across the shorter wall in width and from the floor up to the ceiling in height. This will give you three measurements, length, width, height and to begin these will all need to be multiplied together, so for instance if I had a room that measured 3 metres long and 2 metres wide with a 2.5 metre ceiling height, I would times 3 x 2 x 2.5 = 15, so now you have your room size in cubic metres. The next thing to decide is how often you want the air exchanged in the room every hour, we recommend a two minute exchange and this will equal 30 air exchanges per hour, as 2 goes into 60 minutes 30 times. So now you have the room size in cubic metres and the air exchange you require, so all you need to do now is times the room size by the air exchange which is 15 x 30 = 450m3/hr. This could work okay if nothing was placed in the grow room that emits heat, but of course as you know the lights, fans and other electrical equipment will emit heat into the room, so we recommend you add 5% for every 250w/400w grow light and 10% for every 600w/1000w grow light you are going to use. So in our 3 x 2 grow room we are going to use 4 x 600w lights, so we would need to add 40% to our total of 450m3/hr which now puts the air exchange at 630m3/hr. So now we have the air movement required for this size room we can look to purchase the correct size fans, filters and ducting fit for the job.

Next post we will discuss the fans and filters required and how to create negative pressure in your grow room.

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