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Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients have been on the UK market for a few years now and in that short time they have gained a huge following of growers who will now only use Mills.


Mills Nutrients harness the power of nature with science to bring you an outstanding range of Bio-Mineral solutions which make use of both organic and synthetic minerals, the basis for all Mills products and this combination works extremely well as this unique formula will optimize both growth rates and yield from the synthetic minerals, whilst also providing the best flavour and aroma from the organic minerals.


Mills Nutrients provide a complete line up of products of unprecedented quality that will provide all the nutritional elements needed for a bountiful harvest and we highly recommend you try them, as they say;


“Mills Pays the Bills”

Mills Nutrients Basis A+B

mills nutrients basis mills nutrients start

Mills Nutrients Start

mills nutrients vitalize

Mills Nutrients Vitalize

mills nutrients c4

Mills Nutrients C4

mills nutrients pk

Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK Booster

mills nutrients sugar rush

Mills Nutrients Sugar Rush

Mills Basis A + B is a two part base nutrient used throughout the cycle of your crop. Basis A + B is a unique formula that contains all the macro and micro nutrients your plants need to ensure full nutrition through both the vegetative stage and flowering stage and it can be used for hydroponics, coco and soil cultivation.



Use throughout the life cycle of your crop, propagation, vegetative, flowering.

Mills Start R contains Humic and Fulvic acids, L Amino acids and a root enhancing bio-stimulant derived from Irish Kelp and this formula provides you with a powerful root stimulant that will not only enhance the structure of the root system, but it will also aid the plant with growth and vitality.

Mills Nutrients Vitalize is a bio-silicic acid formula which dramatically increases the stem girth and branch thickness of your plants to provide more lush growth and a more vigorous plant. The silicon formula will also aid with nutrient uptake through the roots to push your plants quicker than ever before.

Mills Nutrients C4 is an advanced bloom stimulator that will increase the levels of phosphorus and potassium to induce quicker bud formation in the early stages of flowering and in the later stages it will dramatically increase the formation of denser and heavier flowers.

Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK Booster is a rich phosphorus and potassium booster used in the last few weeks of the flowering period to enhance the size and weight of all the flowers that are already formed, providing you with a much bigger and heavier harvest.

Mills Nutrients Sugar Rush is an outstanding product to use if you wish to dramatically increase the sugar levels and oils in your plants for a more aromatic and flavoursome harvest. Mills Nutrients Sugar Rush works by increasing the Krebs (citric acid) cycle which stimulate oil and resin production.

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