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You can shop 24/7 with GreenSea Hydroponics online shop. Simply browse our site and add any product you require to the basket and once you have completed choosing your products you can proceed to the checkout where you can pay via PayPal using an account or a credit or debit card and no account is needed for this type of transaction.


Orders received online can only be sent to the PayPal account address or the card holders registered address.




You can contact our sales team to place your order and pay with a credit or debit card. If the information provided by you all matches when the transaction is processed and it is cleared of any fraud we will dispatch your goods ASAP.


Orders received over the telephone can only be sent to the card holders registered address.


If you wish the order to go to another address you can pay the full amount directly into our Barclays bank account and we will dispatch your order to any address you require.




Send us an email with your order and then we can contact you to make payment. If your order is large we may also be able to give you a discount from the total cost and of course free delivery.




If you are not far away from our retail store you can always pop in with a list, (even with products we don’t stock). If you are ordering products we don’t stock, you will have to come back to our store to collect them when they arrive in. If you are only ordering stock items, you may be lucky and we may have everything in stock on the day; and you can complete the deal in one go.


It always pays to give us a call first before you pop over and we can then make sure everything you require is here for you to collect.

Ordering From GreenSea Hydroponics Online Shop