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Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

Poseidon Hydroponic Systems is a fantastic range created and built by GreenSea Hydroponics.


For many years we have been designing and building hydroponic systems and our latest range has to be said is certainly our best, with a hydroponic system to suit every method that is used in the UK, Dripper Systems, Aeroponic Systems, DWC and also Flood & Drain and as you will notice several of our systems are hybrid, combining two methods to create one exceptional design.


We are also the first company in the UK to manufacture hydroponic systems that provide the facility to drain down the system easily and quickly, with all our Cyclops range draining through gravity or pump, our Flood & Drain range can be drained with a pump, our Aeroponic and Dripper systems both drain automatically and now our new designs for RDWC, the Trident and the Kraken both have the new drain facility built in, making them the first in the UK, so watch this space as all the other companies follow behind and eventually copy our designs.


We manufacture all Poseidon Hydroponic Systems in-house at our premises in Suffolk, so if you wish to have one of our designs built specifically for your grow area give us a call and we can build one to suit.

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There are many variations of an Oxypot available and the Cyclops Bubble Pot is our one. The design incorporates all the standard components of an Oxypot with the addition of some which are very beneficial. Firstly the white lid is highly reflective and apart from bouncing the light back under your plant it also helps to maintain a much cooler nutrient solution, bubbling away inside. Secondly the drain tap allows you to drain the nutrient solution with ease before you refill the pot once again.

The Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot is the coolest Oxypot available anywhere with temperatures maintained 3-4 degrees cooler when compared to a regular Oxypot. The highly reflective body and lid work in unison to maintain much lower temperatures and the high volume of air delivered into the two 100mm round flat air stones distribute an even flow of bubbles throughout the pot. The drain tap offers a quick and easy means to emptying the Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot, all round truly a winner.

Combining DWC with a top feed system has produced this hybrid design that allows you to cultivate one extremely large plant in the 60 litre tank. The highly reflective aluminium composite board is 3mm thick and can support up to 80kg which allows the plant growing in the 200mm heavy duty net pot to become as big as you want. The adjustable air pump delivers the air into a Hailea 150mm flat round air stone and placed under the net pot it will aerate a huge root system.

For those who want to grow two extremely large plants, we have stepped up the Cyclops Bubble Tank to a twin 80 litre tank system. This has an adjustable air pump that delivers 7.2 litres of air per minute which flows into the nutrient solution from two Hailea 150mm round flat air stones. The top feed system will feed the plants at the core of the rhizosphere and the remaining submerged roots will flourish in the highly oxygenated water and this re-circulation will maintain more stable pH and EC levels.

Trident RDWC systems do of course re-circulate the nutrient solution, but they also do much more than that. As you can imagine the nutrient temperatures are easily maintained much lower when compared to a regular black DWC system and plant growth at the bottom is much thicker and denser with the reflection of light, but best of all these deep water culture systems not only automatically top up if you want them to but you can also drain them, each pot right to the bottom.

For those who want to grow a jungle we have developed the new Kraken Pro RDWC systems to incorporate new larger 47 litre pots, white 110mm pipe to constantly re-circulate the nutrient solution through and the new Autopot white flexi tanks which maintains a much cooler solution waiting to top up the pots and best of all a new drainage system which allows you to empty each pot to the bottom, all from the header pot and the solution can be run to waste.

Tsunami Flood & Drain are another of our hybrid designs incorporating Ebb & Flow with a bubbler system that aerates the pots as they flood and then as they drain even more air is pulled down into the media and root zone. An overflow system prevents any pots overflowing onto your floor and this allows a 15 minute plug timer to control flood times instead of expensive timing equipment. These have become our best selling systems for grow tents with first time growers raving of results.

Aeroponics has proven to increase growth rates and provide extra ordinary yields and Vortex Aeroponic Systems have been doing this for several years now with many customers more than satisfied. Precision timing equipment controls the feed times and excess solution is quickly drained from each pot and returned to the main tank, keeping the root systems suspended in the dark air. Aeroponics also requires the least amount of growing media which saves you a fortune in the long run.

Many growers like drip systems for their simplicity and ease of use, so here is our design. Monsoon Drippers house 20 litre Root Pots which are held inside the white 21 litre pots and precision timing equipment delivers the nutrient solution from the main tank to each pot and then it is emitted from three outlets to cover the growing media and any excess solution will simply drain to the bottom, run through the drain lines to the Header Pot and re-circulate back into the main tank automatically.

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