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The Cyclops Bubble Pot range are deep water culture Oxypot systems for cultivating one plant and as there are many different species of plants that grow for different periods and at different heights, we have assembled three sizes to suit the type of plant you are growing and the root space for the height and yield you require. The white lids will provide a very reflective surface to encourage young plants to get off to a much quicker start with thicker stems and lush growth appearing very quickly and they will also maintain a cooler solution, whilst the black lightproof lids below will maintain a dark environment for the roots to flourish.
Cyclops Bubble Pot
The amount of growers looking to cultivate one extremely large plant hydroponically, instead of several smaller plants in soil has dramatically increased, with deep water culture being the most popular choice for many; as the simplicity and great yields that can be achieved are quite remarkable.
Cyclops Bubble Tank
The smallest in this range, but size is not everything as the yield you can achieve from the Trident RDWC 4 Pot Bubbler is quite remarkable and for the price it is an absolute bargain.
Trident RDWC 4 Pot Bubbler

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