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Cultivating plants in coco substrates has dramatically increased over the past few years, with many UK growers switching to this method of hydroponic cultivation. Why hydroponic? Well coco substrates contain no nutritional content; the husks are made into fibres, chips or flakes and are cleaned and buffered ready for planting out and a nutrient specifically developed for coco substrates needs to be applied in the watering schedule to feed the plants.
Canna Coco Professional Plus
Canna Rhizotonic
Young plants need a good head start in life to ensure they grow big and strong and providing all the essential elements in mild amounts to begin will certainly help them and this is exactly how Canna Start is formulated, with all the critical elements all in one bottle in the correct mild amounts.
Canna Start
If you are using a re-circulating hydroponics system, you will need a hydroponic nutrient suitable and Canna Aqua nutrients are designed specifically for this purpose.
Canna Aqua Nutrients
Canna Terra Nutrients
Canna Coco Nutrients

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