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Many growers prefer to feed their plants following their own schedule and of course the plants requirements of when and how much they require and Plagron Light Mix suits this perfectly as it only contains enough nutritional content for the first week of use.
Plagron Light Mix
If you require a highly fertilised soil rich in quality nutrients, Plagron Bat Mix is certainly a great contender and it is also one of our favourite potting soils.
Plagron Bat Mix
Plagron Power Roots
Plagron Terra nutrients have been creating a buzz in our area for quite a while now with many customers trying Plagron’s low cost nutrients and receiving the same benefits that higher priced brands provide and if not the same, even better.
Plagron Terra Nutrients
Normal RRP
Plagron Cocos Nutrients
Plagron Pure Enzym
Plagron PK 13-14
Plagron Sugar Royal

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