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Using square plant pots has many advantages, with the main one being the advantage of placing the pots tightly together for raising young plants in a smaller area or for the technique Sea of Green; and these premium square plant pots also make rotating larger plants growing in the pots much easier as you have an easy point of turn from a corner that can be rotated daily at 90 degrees to ensure the plants benefit from the light source on all sides.
Premium Square Plant Pots
Every grower asks how they can increase their yield and expensive boosts always arise, but another option that can be purchased only once is an Air-Pot and these little beauties can dramatically increase your yield.
Air Pots
Ice White Fabric Pots
Heavy Duty Net Pots
The depth of these square plant pot saucers makes them a great choice for growers who tend to their plants by hand, as they allow for a lot of run-off to be contained before you can empty them to prevent any solution spilling onto your floor.
Square Plant Pot Saucers
Round Plant Pot Saucers
Garland Trays
If you need to store large volumes of water and you are unable to get a water butt or hydroponic nutrient tank through the entrance of your grow room, these Stealth flexi tanks will easily go through as they are collapsible and can be assembled once they are through the loft hatch or small doorway.
Stealth Flexi Tanks

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