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The Maxibright Supernova reflector has been one of the most popular closed end reflectors for many years now and has been used in many grow rooms where all the light emitted from the lamp is required in a downward focus for maximum light penetration and a maximum yield.
Maxibright Supernova Reflector
If you are growing in a tent, one of the best reflectors to use is a Maxibright parabolic reflector as it provides an even distribution of light in a downward focus and it is also great for additional lighting in larger grow rooms to penetrate the plants with a boost of lumens.
Maxibright Parabolic Reflector
Maxibright Goldstar Reflector
Adjust-A-Wing reflectors are a simple, yet very effective design that allows you to adjust the spread of light from the reflector by moving the two metal cords that hold the flexible dual-parabolic wings together. This allows a narrow setting to be chosen for a more downward focus of light or you can choose a wider setting to spread the light emitted even further across your garden to provide more uniform growth.
Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector
Lumii Cool Tube Reflector
If you are looking to increase the light coverage over your indoor garden to increase the uniformity of your plants, the Domintor XXL from Sun System is designed solely for this purpose.
Sunlight Dominator XXXL Reflector
CFL Reflector

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