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Clonex Rooting Gel


Plant cuttings can be rooted in just a plain old cup of water, but how long will it take and will it provide you with a healthy set of young plants that will eventually generate a bountiful crop, the answer we just don’t know, so rather than take the chance and hope for the best just use some Clonex instead.

If you are planning to regularly take cuttings from a donor plant, you will need Clonex rooting gel to help establish a root system on the cuttings as quick as possible. Clonex is a formulation packed full of hormones, vitamins and mineral nutrients which creates a bright, translucent gel. It will seal the cut tissue damage instantly eliminating the risk of an infection or an embolism and it will remain in contact around the base of the stem.

Clonex rooting gel also contains a full profile of nutrients and trace elements to help nourish the new young plants as they start to grow and as it is a gel it is far safer than liquids or powders as it cannot splash or blowout when inserting the cuttings into the chosen media, preferably Root Riot’s.

Clonex is the ultimate rooting compound and that is why it is used worldwide by amateur and professional growers.

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