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Lumii Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets


Some of the equipment used in hydroponic grow rooms can be large and heavy objects that require a good strong fixing to ensure they are supported safely, but adjusting them up and down can be a very tedious task with ropes and chains used, so imagine the simplicity when using these Lumii heavy duty rope ratchets.

Not only do Lumii heavy duty rope ratchets have large hooks for easily hanging large air-cooled reflectors, carbon filters or fans, but they can support up to 130kg as a pair or 65kg individually and that’s some weight.

The rope is braided polypropylene, which is 2.5 metres long and it runs through the large ratchet that is fitted with metal gears to prolong the lifespan. The hook end with the ratchet is normally hung at the top and the other hook can be connected to a reflector or around a carbon filter. To lift the object simply pull the loose cord to slowly raise it and to lower it you just click the lever out on the ratchet and lower the object, ensuring you have a strong hold on the cord so the object doesn’t crash to the ground.

Lumii heavy duty rope ratchets are the biggest and best we have seen and they will happily support any item you wish as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight limit.

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