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Snoop's Premium Nutrients

Snoop Dogg has been a household name for many years with his worldwide fame from his music success and for many years it has also been well known that he likes certain varieties of plants which possess magical healing powers. Now to ensure he and many other growers around the world can get the best possible produce Snoop enlisted the help of a well known Dutch nutrient company called Ferro, who have helped him conjure up the best possible potions to ensure many crops around the world that are grown with Snoop’s Premium Nutrients are provided with all the essential elements they require for a lush aromatic bumper harvest.


Now you may think that Snoop Dogg has jumped on the wagon with Snoop’s Premium Nutrients to roll with the Green Rush in America and the hydroponic industry booming worldwide, well you’re probably right but where things differ is Snoop Dogg has not only launched a range of nutrients and additives, but he has launched a range that is exceptionally good and is worth every penny you spend and when you look closer at the mixing ratios you can see that the formulas are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.


Our trials have certainly proved to us that every product in Snoop’s Premium Nutrients range works and does what it says on the bottle and not only do they work but they have proven to be a most reliable set that has repeatedly given extra large yields when compared to many other leading brands available on the UK market.


We cannot recommend Snoops Premium Nutrients enough, we guarantee you will certainly see a difference in your crop and of course your harvest, as Snoop would say


“It’s the Bomb, FO Shizzle!”

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Snoop’s Premium Start Nutrients are a mild fully balanced A+B formula that provides young seedlings or cuttings with all the essential elements they require in small doses to start their development quickly and strongly. Snoop’s Premium Start Nutrients can also be used for the first few days in soil and for the first week with hydroponics cultivation and then your plants can be fed with Snoop’s full strength nutrients for the remainder of their lifecycle.


Use for propagation and early growth:  0.5 ml A + 0.5ml B per litre of water

Snoop’s Premium Non-Recirculating Nutrients are formulated for hydroponic systems or plants that are fed daily and the runoff from each plant is drained away. A two part grow and two part bloom formula that works perfectly with soil grown plants which are hand fed or grown in a run to waste hydroponic system.

Snoop’s Premium Coco Nutrients are formulated for plants grown in coco substrates, either run to waste or re-circulated. A two part grow and two part bloom formula that provides all the essential minerals throughout the lifecycle of your crop and when partnered with Snoop’s fine range of additives, you will see there is no need for any additional additives at all.

Snoop’s Premium Recirulating Nutrients are formulated for hydroponic systems that constantly re-circulate the nutrient solution after the plants are fed. A two part grow and two part bloom formula that works perfectly in any type of re-circulating hydroponic system, NFT, R-DWC, Flood & Drain and even an Aeroponic System.

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Radical Roots is a unique product specifically formulated to promote the rapid development of strong roots and by encouraging the continued generation of root growth though out the lifecycle of your crop. Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Radical Roots also helps with the development of flowers and increases a crops ability to better resist drought and cope with stress related to high temperatures.


Use throughout entire lifecycle of crop: 1ml per litre of water

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Hyzyme is a liquid formula of natural enzyme’s that encourage faster decomposition of any dead or dying roots that lay within the media or water of your hydroponic system. Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Radical Roots and Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Hyzyme are the perfect partners to maintain a healthy rhizosphere throughout your crops cycle with new roots constantly flourishing.


Use throughout entire lifecycle of crop: 0.5ml per litre of water

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Yummy yield is a unique growth promoter which aids plants with the photosynthesis process of absorbing energy from light to increase growth rates and flower formation in the bloom phase. Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Yummy Yield helps regulate the opening and closing of the stomata’s allowing more efficient water use and more available Co2 to be up-taken.


Use throughout the entire lifecycle of crop: 1ml per litre of water

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Heavy Harvest is a PK Booster that is formulated to work in partnership with all of Snoop’s Premium Bloom Nutrients to ensure the levels of Phosphates and Potassium are greatly increased during the onset of flowers forming and throughout the bloom phase as your plants will work hardest during this period in order to produce an abundance of large vibrant flowers for a large heavy harvest.


Use when flowers first form until week before flush: 1ml per litre of water

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