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There are several ways to pay GreenSea for your hydroponics supplies, but remember we can only deliver to the card holders registered address, unless payment is made via BAC's transfer or directly into our bank account.




The quickest and easiest way to pay online is through a PayPal account using PayPal Express to checkout. We only receive your name, address, telephone and email details to process your order and we do not receive any details from your PayPal account.




You can use a credit or debit card to pay for you order on our website, over the telephone and also in our store.




When you proceed to the checkout you will be prompted to choose a payment method. Here you can select card payment and you do not have to set up an account to order.




You can use a credit or debit card when ordering over the telephone. We can take your details to process your order and once complete, your details are destroyed and not kept on record.

Goods can only be sent to the card holders registered address.




We do have a credit or debit card machine in our shop, so if you don’t have the cash you can pay by card. We do have a £10.00 minimum transaction fee.




If you have online banking set up, you can pay an instant bank transfer into our account and we can then dispatch your goods to any address you require, even if it is not your address.




You can pop into any Barclays bank and pay the full amount required directly into our Barclays account. This provides us with an instant payment and then your goods can be dispatched immediately for a quick delivery. Just give us a call if you wish to use this option for payment and we can provide you with our account details.




You can pay with cash in our store, but we highly recommend not sending any through the post. We do not accept cheques or postal orders, just plain old cash will do.

Ways To Pay For Your Hydroponics Supplies