CarboAir 50 Carbon Filters


Why Choose CarboAir Filters

Growing indoors will create an abundance of odours that can be unpleasant in your home; from the water, the growing media and of course the plants and some plant species can be a lot more pungent than others. CarboAir carbon filters are designed specifically for this purpose, removing unwanted odours with ease and the design and build of these carbon filters is second to none, with more carbon packed internally to filter the air when compared to any other brand on the market and a lifespan of 18-24 months when used in normal conditions, as high humid environments will deteriorate the carbon much quicker and block the flow of air much sooner.

How Are CarboAir Made?

CarboAir 50 carbon filters have a 50mm bed of activated virgin granular carbon which is held inside a roll of galvanised steel with fine holes punched to create an open area of 55.5% and this means there is no internal nylon mesh that slows the air flow, most commonly found in other leading brands. The top flange and bottom flange are made of the same strong galvanised steel and they hold the rolled body in place. Fixed to the flange at each end is a hanging point which is riveted in place for a strong secure fixing. The activated virgin carbon granules are machine packed as tightly as possible without them being crushed and a high density foam collar is then placed on top before the top flange is fixed in place by compression and this pushes the foam collar against the carbon granules to ensure there is no movement and you receive the best quality filter possible.

The virgin carbon is activated at 1000 degrees Celsius in a humid environment and this process opens the pores of the carbon to give it incredibly high absorption properties to filter VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from your grow room.

CarboAir 50 carbon filters in the shortest size also provide 10% more carbon than regular carbon filters from other leading brands as the usual 300mm filters have an additional 30mm to their length, so you have more carbon to filter those odours.

Each CarboAir 50 carbon filter is sealed before packaging to prevent any water contamination during transport and they are boxed with a pre-filter as well and with the use of the pre-filter you can expect your CarboAir 50 carbon filter to eliminate strong odours for up to 18 months of use.

CarboAir Air Flow Capacity

As you will see below CarboAir 50 carbon filters have a huge air flow capacity, but of course it only depends on the air movement of the fan. When combined with a fan suitable for the size of the filter you will also lose some of the flow to a pressure drop as the air has to pass through the carbon granules, which reduces the air movement to the fan. The good thing with such a high volume of air allowed through the carbon filter is it will never choke your fan, ensuring a smooth flow and prolonging the lifespan of the fan even further.

CarboAir 50 Sizes Max Air Flow
50 - 100 - 330 410 m3/hr
50 - 125 - 330 480 m3/hr
50 - 150 - 330 600 m3/hr
50 - 200 - 500 1000 m3/hr
50 - 250 - 500 1200 m3/hr
50 - 250 - 1000 2500 m3/hr

How To Install A CarboAir Filter

CarboAir 50 carbon filters are best placed at the top of your grow room or grow tent where all the heat builds up from the lamps, producing hot unwanted stale air.

First you will need to slide the pre-filter over the body of the carbon filter and this will prevent dust and debris blocking the fine holes. When you can clearly see the pre-filter is covered with dust you can remove it to wash it in a washing machine before placing it back on and this will help to prolong the lifespan of the carbon filter.

You can fix the carbon filter in place with some jack chain or heavy duty rope ratchets held from secure fixings in the ceiling or wall and in most grow tents you are supplied with adjustable straps to make things quick and easy.

Once the CarboAir 50 carbon filter is in place you can connect your ducting, we recommend a layer of duct tape around the joint first and then a jubilee clip for a strong secure fixing and this will make it an air tight seal.

If you plan to connect your CarboAir 50 carbon filter directly to your fan you will need to use a fast clamp. Same principal, duct tape first and then the fast clamp to join the two items securely together and then they can be hung and the ducting connected to the other side of the fan for the exit passage.

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