Snoop's Premium Yummy Yield


We all want our crop to perform at its best and whenever we can boost the plants to help with growth and yield, we do and sometimes this can be quite a costly venture with boosts required for the vegetative stage and also several boosts for the flowering stage, but take a look at Snoop’s Premium Yummy Yield as this unique product has been developed to increase the plants ability to grow quicker and better throughout its whole life cycle, increasing foliage growth in the beginning and also flowering formation towards the end.

What Does Yummy Yield Do?

On the underside of the leaves of plants lie small tiny mouth-pieces known as stomata and these stomata have a specific role to play for the exchange of gases within the plant for photosynthesis. The reason the stomata lie on the underside of the leaves is because it is the coolest place on the plant and this allows them to work more efficiently without high water evaporation from the leaves.

Stomata’s allow carbon dioxide to enter the plant to rapidly increase growth and they also release oxygen that is not required and how efficiently they can do this makes all the difference and this is what Snoop’s Premium Yummy Yield has been designed for, regulating the opening and closing of the stomata much more efficiently to allow the plant to uptake more available Co2 to increase growth rates and quicker flowering formation.

Over each stomata are two guard cells and these regulate the opening and closing of the stomata and this is where Snoop’s Premium Yummy Yield comes into play, by better controlling the guard cells to release the mouth piece quicker for opening to uptake air and closing the stomata to control transpiration in the plant when required.

How & When To Use Yummy Yield

As with all Snoop’s Range, Yummy Yield is a strong concentrate and it only requires 1ml per litre of water, so the actual cost from a litre bottle works out to only 4.5p per litre and for a product that works so well it seems too good to be true.

Snoop’s Premium Yummy Yield can be used for all methods of cultivation and it can be used from the second week of the growth stage, right the way through flowering until one week before harvest.

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