Advanced Nutrients Revive


If unfortunately your plants have suffered from shock or a deficiency and they look very tired and poorly the best thing you can do is administer a dose of Advanced Nutrients Revive to help quickly pick them up and resume normal growth.

Survive & Thrive with Revive!

Advanced Nutrients Revive is a great plant tonic which can be used regularly to maintain good overall health in your crop to aid with photosynthesis, respiration and vigorous growth and it can also be used to treat plants that have weak stems, discoloured leaves and poor slow growth from a shock or deficiency, ie; transplanting or a lack of a certain mineral which is usually nitrogen, magnesium or calcium all of which are found inside Revive.

So don’t panic if your plants don’t look good, just quickly add some Revive into the water and see how quick they pick up and start to thrive again.

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How & When To Use Revive

Advanced Nutrients Revive is designed for hydroponics but it can also be used for coco substrates and many customers who grow in soil have also used it with the same great results achieved and that is getting things quickly back on track.

If you are going to use Advanced Nutrients Revive to just maintain a healthy crop, add 1ml per litre of water along with your regular nutrients and additives.

If your plants are suffering add 5ml per litre of water and repeat this dose until you see signs of new growth which looks healthy and normal.

If you wish to foliar spray your plants add 3ml per litre of water and apply to the leaves just before the lights turn off. When misting always make sure to avoid the lamps and any electrical items.

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