Cyclops Bubble Pot - Mini

by Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

It's All About The Bubbles!

Deep Water Culture has become huge in the UK with many growers choosing this method of plant cultivation for its simplicity and also the results that can be achieved and many companies supply OxyPot’s, which are a self contained unit for growing one plant with no soil, instead the roots of the plant are suspended from the net pot into a rich nutrient solution below that is constantly aerated by an air pump and stone and it seems that all other companies are only supplying large OxyPot’s and that’s where we differ as the Cyclops Bubble Pot Mini is our baby sized version of an OxyPot, which is suitable for plant varieties that finish their full cycle, from seed to harvest within 10 weeks and the benefits from our design are the highly reflective white lid which quickly establish's bottom branching and maintains a cooler nutrient solution and also the facility to easily drain down the Bubble Pot when required.

How To Grow In A Cyclops Bubble Pot

If you don’t have a plant that’s ready to go you can use the Rockwool seedling cube to start a seed or cutting in and once rooted you can then plant into the Cyclops Bubble Pot. Rinse clean the clay pebbles supplied and rinse out the Cyclops Bubble Pot to remove any unwanted debris before filling. Place the net pot into the lid and fill the Bubble Pot until the net pot is slightly submerged with the nutrient solution. Now place a layer of clay pebbles in the net pot to cover the bottom and place your rooted plant on top, then backfill with more clay pebbles to hold the plant firmly in place. You will need to keep this level maintained until roots are visible and developing into the bubbling nutrient solution below and then the level of solution can be lowered to just below the net pot to allow more air around the main root ball in the net pot, don’t worry the bubbles will spit the nutrient solution onto the clay pebbles to keep the roots in the net pot moist and fed. The blue viewing tube allows you to easily and clearly see how much nutrient solution remains and when you need to top up you can gently pour it into the net pot or you can move the lid slightly and fill up into the Bubble Pot. We recommend emptying the nutrient solution on a weekly basis and to drain the remaining solution you can use a small container or a bucket and lift the Cyclops Bubble Pot and open the drain tap to empty. If you do not want to lift, you can always purchase an inline pump and fit this to the drain tap to empty it even quicker and without lifting.

You will need to maintain the correct EC and pH levels to achieve optimum growth and we highly recommend using an EC Meter and a pH Meter to ensure everything is accurate throughout your plants cycle.

Cyclops Bubble Mini Includes

  • Bubble Pot & Lid – 11 litre Capacity
  • White Reflective Lid
  • Viewing Tube – Fitted
  • Drain Tap – Fitted
  • Heavy Duty Net Pot – 80mm
  • Hailea Air Pump – 1.3 l/m
  • Air Line – 1 metre
  • Golf Ball Air Stone
  • Rockwool Seedling Cube
  • Clay Pebbles

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