Cyclops Bubble Tank


The Cyclops Bubble Tank incorporates deep water culture with a top feed drip system and this hybrid design provides a failsafe way to grow one extremely large plant.

Why Use A Cyclops Bubble Tank

The Cyclops Bubble Tank is our version of the infamous Brummie Bubbler and as you can see our hybrid design has several advantages over its rival. The white top plate is the first obvious sign, as this high gloss finish makes it extremely reflective which sets young plants off to a great start with thicker bottom growth developing much quicker. The top plate is made from an aluminium composite board which is 3mm thick and can support up to 70kg and wouldn’t we all love our plant to weigh that much.

Next if you look closely you will see a tap fitted in the top of the tank and this allows you to drain the tank by simply opening it whilst the pump is running. A 10 litre bucket fits perfectly underneath the tap and it can be used to catch the waste water that is pumped out and when it is full just close the tap until you are back with the bucket and then you can open the tap again to continue draining.

The feed pump in the main tank is connected to pipes that deliver the nutrient solution from two points into the net pot and this helps to maintain a moist environment in the clay pebbles for the plant when it is first planted out in the system and then when the rhizo-sphere expands it will help to keep the main root ball moist and fed. The roots will travel out of the net pot quickly and will enter the nutrient solution below in the main tank and this is constantly aerated by the air pump and two round 100mm air stones and this will keep high oxygen levels maintained in the water and will allow the roots and the plant to flourish.

With the supply of bubbles into the water and the feed pump re-circulating the nutrient solution from bottom to top and bottom again, the pH and EC levels are easier maintained with the solution mixed and well agitated and when the levels start to drop you will be able to view quickly and easily what remains through the blue viewing tube fitted at the front. To make small adjustments to pH and EC levels you can remove the top plate access cover and through the 6” hole you can fit your meters for testing and then you can adjust the nutrient solution to suit and top it up and as the nutrient solution is delivered into the net pot you only have to ensure the pump is covered, you don't have to keep the tank full all the time, as letting the level drop low from time to time will help in your quest for a bumper harvest.

Want To Grow With A Coco Substrate

We have had several customers purchase the Cyclops Bubble Tank and with our advice they have grown their plant in a coco substrate. All you need is some NFT Spreader Mat and you can line the net pot with a couple of layers to ensure the holes are covered and then you can place just plain old coco in the net pot or you can use a mix of 60/40 coco and pebbles and all you will need to do is place the feed pump onto a timer to control the feed times with more precision so the feed pump does not run constantly and you have intervals for the media to dry slightly. For small plants we recommend a 15 minute feed every 4 hours and once the plant becomes well established you can increase the feed periods to suit the size of the plant. The level of the nutrient solution in the main tank should be kept lower than the net pot to ensure the coco substrate does not stay saturated and it has a chance to dry slightly and then you should have no problems at all.

Cyclops Bubble Tank Includes

1 x Tank 60litre – Pipe Work Installed
1 x White Top Plate
1 x Top Plate Access Cover
2 x Top Plate Fixings
1 x Heavy Duty Net Pot 140mm
1 x HX800 Pump – 285 l/h
1 x Drip Ring Feeder
1 x Hailea Twin Air Pump – 10 l/m
2 x Hailea Round 100mm Air Stones
2 x Air Lines
1 x Clay Pebbles 3 litre
1 x Rockwool SBS Cube

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