Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot

by Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

Coolest Hybrid Bubbler Around!

The Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot is our best selling OxyPot that not only bubbles, but also drips from the top. This hybrid design has proven to be faultless with so many customers reporting back of their great success and with many comments of how easy it is to use.

The white outer pot elevates the black inner pot 4cm of the floor and with both the white outer pot and white lid, all heat rays from lights are reflected away to reduce the temperature of the nutrient solution and roots. The plant is held in a 200mm heavy duty net pot which has a drip ring installed that is connected to a feed pump in the bottom of the Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot and this can be left running continuously or at timed intervals if preferred and because the plant is drip fed from the top it means you don’t have to have the Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot full all the time, you can run it with only the feed pump and air stones covered, about a quarter full. The Hailea twin air pump pushes 10 litres of air per minute through the two Hailea 100mm flat round air stones and this provides a blanket of bubbles rising in the pot to ensure full aeration is achieved and the roots have all the fresh oxygen they require. We guarantee you will love the growth and yields achieved.

How To Grow In A Cyclops Pro

If you don’t have a plant that’s ready to go you can use the Rockwool seedling cube to start a seed or cutting in and once rooted you can then plant into the Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot. Rinse clean the clay pebbles supplied and rinse out the Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot to remove any unwanted debris before filling. Place the net pot into the lid and fill the Bubble Pot with the nutrient solution just below the net pot. Now place a layer of clay pebbles in the net pot to cover the bottom and place your rooted plant on top so the base of the plant sits just below level with the drippers, then backfill with more clay pebbles to hold the plant firmly in place. You can now turn the feed pump on and check it is pumping through the drippers and if you need more pebbles to cover the drippers add them in. Turn the air pump on and elevate the air pump of the floor above the level of the nutrient solution, to avoid the pump siphoning back if the power is turned off. The blue viewing tube allows you to easily and clearly see how much nutrient solution remains and when you need to top up you can gently pour it into the net pot or you can move the lid slightly and fill up into the Bubble Pot. We recommend emptying the nutrient solution on a weekly basis and to drain the remaining solution you can use a small container or a bucket and lift the Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot and open the drain tap to empty. If you do not want to lift, you can always purchase an inline pump and fit this to the drain tap to empty it even quicker and without lifting.

You will need to maintain the correct EC and pH levels to achieve optimum growth and we highly recommend using an EC Meter and a pH Meter to ensure everything is accurate throughout your plants cycle.

Cyclops Pro Bubble Pot Includes

  • White Bubble Pot & Lid – 26 litre Capacity
  • Viewing Tube – Fitted
  • Drain Tap – Fitted
  • Heavy Duty Net Pot – 200mm
  • HX800 Feed Pump
  • Pump Manifold Outlet
  • Drip Line & Drip Ring
  • Twin Hailea Air Pump – 10 l/m
  • 2 x Iceline Air Pipe – 1.2 metre
  • 2 x Hailea 100mm Round Air Stones
  • Rockwool Seedling Cube
  • Clay Pebbles – 3 litre

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