Phresh HyperFan - EC Motors

Having built a reputation as a bullet-proof inline fan, Phresh HyperFans have become the number 1 choice for those who wish to move large volumes of air quickly and efficiently in or out of their grow room.

What’s all the fuss about HyperFans

It basically all comes down to technology and the advancement of the motor design. Typically in this industry inline fans have always been made with AC motors which work very well but are not as energy efficient or as powerful for the amount of watts required to drive them. The HyperFan utilises a multi-phase EC motor which allows the motor to be energised 12 times per revolution, as compared to an AC motor which can only be energised 2-4 times per revolution, making the transfer of power from the motor to the fan blades extremely smooth, ultra-efficient and vibration free.

In addition to the multi-phase EC motor, the HyperFan is also the first fan to install the combination of Laminar-Blade design and Stator technology, which stems from modern jet engine design. This provides you with a highly efficient fan that has reduced noise with a very high air flow and that means your HyperFan won’t choke under pressure.

A soft start feature is programmed into the circuitry and slowly feeds the power into the motor and with the superior, sealed self-lubricating ball bearings the lifespan of a HyperFan can be much longer than you would expect.

Free HyperFan Speed Controller

That’s right with every HyperFan purchased you will receive a free HyperFan speed controller. You can fit the controller easily to the fan and it can be adjusted from 100% down to 35% by turning the dial. It is detachable from the fan and independent from the power cord, so if you run the HyperFan without it the fan will constantly run at 100%.

If you wish to control your HyperFan with far more accuracy, then take a look at the HyperFan Climate Controller. An easy to use thermostatically controlled unit which can control two HyperFans to supply air in and out of your grow room to maintain the desired temperature required.

Model Size Max Air Flow Watts
HyperFan 150 6" 535 m3/hr 35
HyperFan 200 8" 1206 m3/hr 75
HyperFan 250 10" 1810 m3/hr 170

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