PhonicTrap Ducting


What Is Phonic Trap Ducting?

Only the best triple layered acoustic ducting you can possibly wish for that will dramatically reduce the noise of the air as it travels through the fan and the ventilation passage you have created.

Phonic Trap ducting is manufactured in France to the REACH EU compliance standard, which proves its top of its class. An outer black layer is perfectly sealed to prevent any vapour entering the ducting to maintain a dry passage. The centre layer is a glass fibre free material which is a non-allergenic insulation and this helps to greatly reduce the noise of the moving air and finally the inner layer is a perforated white inner lining which is extremely smooth when the ducting is pulled taught and this helps to maintain a good flow of air through the ducting and with all 3 layers combined you end up with the ultimate sealed passage that can be easily connected to fans and carbon filters to create a supply of fresh air into the grow room or to extract away the hot stale air that lingers above your plants.

How to Install Phonic Trap Ducting

First measure the length of duct you require and cut the Phonic Trap duct with a sharp pair of scissors or a Stanley knife, to ensure you have a nice trimmed edge. We recommend you first place a layer of aluminium foil tape over the end of the Phonic Trap duct and the fitting to ensure a complete seal is made and then fit a jubilee clip over the top of the foil tape and duct to hold it firmly in place. Before you seal the other end of the duct first make sure it doesn’t hang and it is held taught and as straight as possible, allowing the air to flow freely and quickly through to the other side.

Available sizes below;

Ducting Diameter Length Length Length
Phonic Trap Duct 4" 3 metre 6 metre 10 metre
Phonic Trap Duct 5" 3 metre 6 metre 10 metre
Phonic Trap Duct 6" 3 metre 6 metre 10 metre
Phonic Trap Duct 8" 3 metre 6 metre 10 metre
Phonic Trap Duct 10" 3 metre 6 metre 10 metre

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