Secret Jardin DR120 Grow Tent

by Secret Jardin

The Dark Room range of grow tents from Secret Jardin have been revised with many new upgrades incorporated that make these grow tents possibly the best on the market. The Secret Jardin DR120 grow tent includes all the new features with all the original benefits still included in the new design.

Whats The Benefits With A DR120

The main structure of the Secret Jardin DR120 grow tent is manufactured with 19mm steel poles that are connected together with Polypropylene plastic fittings to provide a strong sturdy frame and fitted over this frame is the thick 210 denier material which has a highly reflective silver Mylar material internally fitted to reflect and bounce the light all around your plants. There is one zip that allows you to easily open the main front door for easy access to your crop and if you do need access from the sides there are doors either side which can be undone separately to gain access. A material drip tray is placed in the bottom of the grow tent to prevent any spillages seeping through to your flooring or carpets and this will hold the water until you clean it up.

One of the new features provided with the DR120 grow tent is the new Space Booster, which is actually a very impressive, yet simple bit of kit that prevents the sides of the grow tent being drawn inwards if you have a positive pressure on the extraction and too much air is being drawn out compared to the amount of air being supplied into the tent. Another new feature is the Secret Jardin WebIT plant support netting that is supplied and this makes life so much easier when your big heavy flowers are making the branches droop over as the WebIT plant support net will hold those heavy branches firmly in place and with a hook at each corner of the net, fitting it couldn’t be simpler by just hooking them around the four corner poles of the grow tent.

Finally there are three cross poles which can be easily installed into the top of the inside of the tent to hang your grow light and a fan and filter from and each cross pole can support up to 15kg. 2 x StrapIT holders are provided for hanging the carbon filter safely and securely and to keep the cables neat and tidy inside the grow tent there are 15 x CableIT clips which simply clip onto the poles of the tent and the cables clip inside up and out of the way and last of all you get a handy little PocketIT bag which can hold your meters or any other gadgets or tools.


2 x HookIT hangers are provided which allow you to hang a set of rope ratchets or Easy Roll light hangers from one of the cross poles at the top to connect your reflector so it is fully adjustable. The reflector cable can be placed through one of the 75mm holes and connected to the ballast placed outside of the grow tent.

Recommended Lighting600w Grow Light or LED equivalent


The Secret Jardin DR120 grow tent has multiple double-sleeved holes for ventilation and an Air-Cooled light can easily be installed if desired. Although the image shows the sleeves facing inwards, they can be pulled out of the tent and the drawstring tightened over the ducting, providing you with all the floor space for growing. If you wish to passively pull air into the grow tent without a fan there are two mesh windows that have Velcro covers that can be removed to allow air to flow freely into the tent at each bottom side.

Recommended Extraction - 5” Extraction Kit

Recommended Air Supply - 4” Fan & Duct

Extraction Holes - 2 x 280mm

Air-Cooled Lighting - 2 x 280mm

Inlet Holes - 2 x 280mm

Cable Holes - 3 x 75mm

Secret Jardin DR120 Grow Tent Dimensions

L, W, H - 120 x 120 x 200cm

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