Snoop's Premium Hyzyme


Unfortunately with all plants and with all methods of plant cultivation some roots will die throughout the life cycle of your crop and if untreated the decomposing organic material can become a breeding ground for unwanted pathogenic organisms and not only will these moulds thrive on the dead root material but they will also affect many healthy roots and this will cause stress to the entire plant and reduce growth and of course yield and that’s only if your plant survives, so to maintain a healthy root environment and reduce this problem occurring you can use Snoop’s Premium Hyzyme.

What's Snoop's Premium Hyzyme?

Snoop’s Premium Hyzyme is a blend of enzymes formulated to keep a plants root system healthy and flourishing and it does this by breaking down decomposing organic material really fast to make way for new root growth.

Enzymes are substances which accelerate the reactions of living organisms, for example enzymes play a vital role in our digestion system to break down the food we eat to allow us to digest it easier. Within the growing substrate and root environment, breaking down any decomposing organic material quickly greatly reduces the chances of an infection by pathogenic organisms and ensures your crop can grow to its full potential.

How & When To Use Hyzyme

This enzyme formula is suitable with any type of growing substrate, coco or soil and it is also suitable for any method of hydroponics you may wish to use.

Snoop’s Premium Hyzyme is a rich concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way with only 0.5ml per litre of water required and if you take a 1 litre bottle you can dilute this into 2000 litres of water at a cost of just over 1p per litre, how’s that for value.

Start to use Snoop’s Premium Hyzyme from the second week of the growth stage, right through until 1 week before harvest.

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