Snoop's Premium Radical Roots


The root system is the lifeline for your plant and ensuring a vibrant healthy root system flourish’s is of the upmost importance as the uptake and transport of nutrients throughout the plant starts here, so if you are looking for a Radical Root system beneath your crop try using Snoop’s Premium Radical Roots.

Radical Root Systems

Snoop’s team have created a fantastic root stimulant that is manufactured from inorganic compounds and this provides an extremely powerful formula that will increase root growth and the entire structure of the root system and within the first few days of use you will notice a difference. The good thing with Snoop’s Premium Radical Roots is it can be used for any method of cultivation and it is extremely concentrated as it requires only 1ml per litre of water, so a 1 litre bottle can make up to 1000 litres of mixed rooting solution and this equates to a cost of just under 4p per litre, not bad for the quality of the product and results it provides.

Snoop’s Premium Radical Roots will encourage the continued growth of the root structure and unfortunately with any healthy plant some roots will die and this will provide the ideal location for pathogenic organisms to form and when these moulds have multiplied they threaten the entire root structure if not removed and the quickest and easiest way to do this is to combine Snoop’s Premium Radical Roots with Snoop’s Premium Hyzyme, an enzyme based formula which breaks down dead organic material fast to make way for new roots to develop.

Snoop’s Premium Radical Roots can be used with any brand of nutrients and other additives, but if you want to experience the full benefits from this product we highly recommend you try using the full range of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients as you will be amazed with the results, we certainly were.

How & When To Use Radical Roots

Snoop’s Premium Radical Roots is designed to be used all the way through your crops cycle, so once you have your seedlings or cuttings rooted you can start to apply Radical Roots in the water at the rate of 1ml per litre and that’s the same dilution rate for hydroponics, coco and soil substrates.

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