SystemAir RVK Fans

by Global Air Supplies

Why Choose RVK Fans

In this industry there are many products that have proven over time to be the leading brands and Systemair RVK fans are certainly one of them, building a reputation as the most reliable, efficient and quiet inline fan for moving large volumes of air in or out of your grow room and they have been known to run maintenance free for many years.

German Manufacturing

Systemair RVK fans are manufactured in Germany and are built with a 30% fibreglass reinforced polypropylene casing which holds a backwards curved motorised impellor which is balanced dynamically in two levels to reduce any vibration and noise. The terminal box is rated IP44 so these fans can also be used to ventilate damp and humid rooms, so all round these fans are bullet-proof and will work well in a vegetative room with high humid conditions and also in drier conditions which occur mainly in a flowering room.

Whatever you decide to use the fan for, either an inlet fan or as part of an extraction system, you must remember when setting up your grow room ventilation that bends in the ducting will reduce the flow of air and when attaching a carbon filter you will create a pressure drop, which is a reduction in the amount of air that travels through the fan due to the air hitting the carbon granules first in the carbon filter. Keeping your duct runs as straight as possible with the least amount of bends will help your RVK fan to perform at its best and choosing a carbon filter that exceeds the air volume of the fan will also greatly help to achieve maximum performance from your RVK fan.

Not only can RVK fans be used to supply or extract air from your grow room, but they can also be used with Global Air Supplies DiffuseAir. The DiffuseAir is a genius invention that connects to an RVK fan which is mounted at the top of your grow room ceiling, with the air flow facing down. As the RVK turns on it will push the air through the DiffuseAir which will rotate its blades to evenly distribute the warm air from above, down below in amongst your plants and this will remove the need for oscillating fans placed around the edge of your grow room.

All in all, the Systemair RVK fan is a popular choice with growers who want something reliable and these fans certainly are and with good air movement you will be able to maintain the temperature you require in your grow room, quietly and efficiently.

RVK Fan Size Max Air Flow
4" RVK A1 184 m3/hr
5" RVK A1 220 m3/hr
5" RVK L1 323 m3/hr
6" RVK A1 482 m3/hr
6" RVK L1 720 m3/hr
8" RVK A1 796 m3/hr
8" RVK L1 1008 m3/hr
10" RVK A1 860 m3/hr
10" RVK L1 1080 m3/hr

Due to the pressure drop a reduction in flow is inevitable when you connect a fan and carbon filter together and below are the max air flow ratings for an RVK fan coupled with a CarboAir carbon filter.

Filter Size Fan Size Max Air Flow
50-100-330 4" RVK A1 138 m3/hr
50-125-330 5" RVK A1 160 m3/hr
50-125-330 5" RVK L1 240 m3/hr
50-150-330 6" RVK A1 330 m3/hr
60-150-660 6" RVK L1 580 m3/hr
50-200-500 8" RVK A1 705 m3/hr
60-200-660 8" RVK L1 815 m3/hr
50-250-500 10" RVK A1 730 m3/hr
60-250-660 10" RVK L1 910 m3/hr

How To Set Up An RVK Fan

We supply a mains lead for all RVK fans purchased and this of course will require wiring into the fan terminal box. It’s simple just like wiring a plug but if you are unsure please consult a qualified electrician first.

Systemair RVK fans can be mounted in several ways. If you are using it for an extraction system it can be connected directly to the carbon filter with a ventilation fast clamp and then the two items can be hung up high in your grow room or a mounting bracket is supplied with each RVK fan and this allows you to mount the RVK fan in a horizontal or vertical position on a wall or even ceiling of your grow room and then ducting can be connected between the carbon filter and fan. If you wish to use it for an inlet fan and you want it to simply sit on the floor, just get a thick piece of board and screw the bracket to it and then fix the fan.

An arrow is moulded onto the outside of the casing to show the direction of the air flow exiting the fan, so make sure when installing the fan you face the arrow the correct way for the air to travel.

Once the RVK fan is fitted correctly you can connect your ducting. We always recommend a layer of tape around the joint first and then a quick release jubilee clip can be used for a permanent fix and this will provide a total seal around the joint.

RVK fans are well built and maintenance free, so once installed you should have years of quiet, trouble free running.

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